The Importance of Dust Control

Today’s world is more dependent than ever on mining, manufacturing, and factory production, yet these are the processes that are polluting the air and causing widespread health issues. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, processing plants and other work sites are the third-highest cause of air pollution. Dust pollution control has never been more important than it is now.

Dust control systems are used in industrial work environments to protect the health and safety of workers and to control dust pollution in construction sites and other similar settings. A dust suppression spray system collects and traps airborne dust particles caused by cement production, steel manufacturing, etc., and brings them back down to the ground to protect the environment and the health of the public.

Without this preventative measure, industrial workers and the environment are both at a higher risk. For example, the coal dust produced by the mining industry can cause black lung disease in miners when not properly controlled. Simply by using dust control spray regularly, an industry can drastically reduce its emissions and employee health risks.

How Does a Dust Control System Work?

At Kinetic, our primary dust suppression system uses high-pressure fog to contain and control dust particles that escape during processing. The fog then pushes the dust particles back to the floor, eliminating it from the air and removing concerns about dust inhalation and dust pollution. Kinetic offers dust control system for both indoor and outdoor work environments.

Indoor Dust Control

Kinetic systems control dust in indoor work environments via static overhead lines that have been installed in a grid-like matrix across the ceiling or the perimeter of any entry or exit points. Our proprietary series fog fan is a desirable alternative to overhead lines, providing more thorough coverage. The series was designed to provide more efficient dust control than traditional static lines alone.
Kinetic also offers the broadest mobile product line on the market. The Kinetic FogCannon® is a dust suppression machine that can be deployed indoors and move around the facility as needed. These FogCannons can also be mounted for fixed applications.

Both the fan and our Kinetic FogCannons® distribute high-pressure fog mist, which captures the dust and pushes it to the ground.

Outdoor Dust Control

The Kinetic Fog Cannon Sprayer is the preferred solution for an open or outdoor work environment. It can throw fog from 50 to 450 feet to suppress airborne dust. These units can be stationary or mobile, and they can be self-sustaining or connected to existing power or water sources. The system can be managed individually or as a collective whole from one control center.

Unique features like the adjustable nozzle rings ensure the appropriate fog output by applying the proper amount of moisture to the surface. This helps to control dust, to manage dust piles, and to keep them from blowing around.

Depending on your specific work environment and needs, Kinetic also offers permanent fixture fog systems that can effectively suppress dust. Regardless of your dust challenges, Kinetic has a quality solution and in-house expertise that can’t be beaten.

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