How to Install Disinfection Tunnel? Videos from manufacturer

For customers who have purchased the disinfection tunnel, we will provide a detailed installation video. Users only need to follow the steps in the video and complete the installation step by step. Generally, the whole installation process does not take more than two hours.

Recently, as the manufacurer, we have recorded an installation video of the K-type Commercial Disinfection Channel. You may watch the video below to get more infomation on the installation.

The overall installation process of this Disinfection Tunnel  is relatively simple, which can be roughly divided into the following steps:

1. Open the packing box and sort out the parts.
2. Install from the bottom and surrounding walls(made by Aluminum sheet) of the passageway chamber. Please tighten the screws where necessary.
3. After the installation of the four walls, it is necessary to install the automatic thermometer and face recognition part.
4. Adjust the disinfectant spray system and power supply, and test after completion.

After all these steps, you can set the tunnel in front of the gate of the factory/market/school/shopping mall … to give a quick sanitazer for passers-by.

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