Disinfection Booth for Sale

What’s disinfection booth? Is it necessary to buy a disinfection booth? We will focus on this topic hereby and give you a overall intruduction on the purchase of disinfection booth.

The disinfection booth become popular due to wide spread of covid-19. Covid-19, a new type of coronavirus, first broke out in Wuhan, China in February this year, and then spread all over the world. The new coronavirus is very stubborn. It can survive for more than 20 days under the condition of low temperature and freezing, and the patients infected with the virus have different symptoms, some even have no symptoms. However, carriers can infect more people without knowing it, while some people show serious symptoms and even life-threatening.

Covid 19 disinfection equipment manufacturer and price

At present, the disinfection equipment of new coronavirus is mainly the spraying equipment of disinfectant, such as disinfectant spray gun(fogger), disinfection tunnel(booth) and vehicular disinfection tunnel. The disinfectant can kill the new coronavirus on the surface of the object and prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus through human contact.

Covid 19 disinfection booth function list:

  • Contact free automatic temperature measurement
  • Automatic alarm when body temperature exceeds the range
  • Face recognition and verification (height adjustable recognizer)
  • Automatic induction hand disinfectant
  • Systemic disinfectant spray

Covid 19 disinfection equipment manufacturer and price

Due to the rapid spread of new coronavirus, many kinds of new coronavirus disinfection facilities have emerged all over the world, including infectious spray gun, infection tunnel, viral infection tunnel and other manufacturers are mainly concentrated in China, with many choices, mature technology, low price and durability.

Disinfection booth design

It can be compared to a booth which people can walk through. After several product upgrades, our disfection tunnel has a variety of choices in different appearances, and can customize the stickers to stick on the outer wall to meet the needs of different environments.

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