Vehicle Disinfection Channel

Drive-through vehicle disinfection Description

  • The automatically activated drive-through vehicle disinfecting systems has been specifically designed to reduce the spread of disease by vehicular movements in locations where biosecurity is a concern.
  • This automatic vehicle disinfection system is mainly made of copper, which is more durable. The wires are well hidden, simple and pretty.
  • The cover is made of 0.5mm thick transparent PVC material, which is anti-aging, waterproof, easy to clean, and has a 5-year warranty.
  • Equipped with LED light belt, energy-saving and environmental protection its high brightness can meet the needs of different occasions at night.
  • Manual disinfection has low efficiency while the drive-through vehicle disinfection can thoroughly and fast disinfect the car, save time and effort.
  • Its disinfection can accurately locate, and ensure the vehicle disinfection range.


  • It can be quickly installed on any road entrance in affected areas.
  • Using the air-water mixed misting method, it can ensure a rapid and throughly uniform disinfection for the vehicle, taking only 5% of the time compared to the traditional methods.
  • Intelligent disinfection: Equipped with sensor monitoring control device, the disinfection equipment automatically start when the needed vehicle arrived; and shut down automatically when the vehicle left.
  • Solution saving: using the air & water mixed misting technology for disinfection, the dosage is only 10% of the conventional method.

Vehicle disinfection channel installation video

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