Anti-virus body temperature measurement and disinfection machine


Temperature measuring post disinfection machine uses high-precision infrared temperature sensor, the sensing distance is 0-5cm,With high precision and high resolution, immune to the environment and sunlight, small interference, measurement error ± 0.1ºC at room temperature. The initial temperature setting is 37.3 ° C (adjustable). When the detection door is working, it will display an alarm when the detected actual body temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C. After the pedestrian measures the temperature, they can reach into the sterilizer and drop the disposable disinfectant solution automatically after sensing, so as to achieve the disinfection effect and prevent the virus in their hands from being constantly transmitted.

Product Structure

  • Power on: Plug in the power supply (this product is powered by AC 220V), touch the power button on the monitor for about 6 seconds, and after you hear the “Didi Didi” four beeps, the display is turned on.
  • Start the temperature measurement: When the device is turned on, or the device is in the standby state, you need to start the temperature measurement. You only need to use the hand or forehead to irradiate the temperature in the temperature measurement area. When you hear a “drop”, the display turns on. The temperature measurement function has been started.
  • Detection: Pedestrians enter the detection range and bring their foreheads close to the detection area (5-20CM). When they hear a “drop” from the device, the detection is completed and takes 1-2 seconds; the detection results will appear immediately On the display.
  • Disinfection: This equipment is equipped with an automatic induction disinfection machine. When the pedestrian detection result is normal body temperature, the pedestrian puts his hand under the automatic induction disinfection machine, the hands from bottom to top, the automatic induction disinfection machine drips the disinfection solution, and the pedestrian You can leave after rubbing your hands.
  • Standby: When the device does not perform temperature measurement for more than 60 seconds, the display of the device will go out, and the device’s temperature measurement function will enter the standby state.

Product Features

  • The installation of this equipment is very simple.
  • It is recommended to choose an environmental area where the room temperature does not exceed 30 degrees and the low temperature does not fall below -10 degrees;
  • After selecting the installation area of the device, fix the device at the bottom and plug it in and use it.
    Note: Please choose a level ground to install the equipment to prevent the equipment from tilting; the bottom must be fixed firmly to avoid falling down.

Matters needing attention
1. Do not measure for a while or immediately after breastfeeding
2. Do not drink, eat or exercise before or during the measurement
3. If there is dust, hair or sweat on the temperature measuring probe, please wipe it with alcohol or disinfecting water immediately
4. Don’t leave the temperature measurement area when you don’t hear the “drop” at the end of the measurement
6. Please try to measure in the specified measurement area

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