Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Product Description

  1. Face recognition, external personnel screening and file storage
    It can carry out identity authentication and file storage in areas with large population flow, such as shopping malls, stations, community factories, etc. It can also clock in and record the temperature of employees, and make alarm and interception for outsiders.
  2. Infrared human body temperature measurement and sound-light alarm
    Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor and calibrated by blackbody radiation source, it can measure body temperature without contact for a long distance, which can effectively avoid cross-infection of body temperature
  3. Smart display
    The body temperature monitor can adjust the temperature difference of seasonal changes, which can display the body temperature more accurately
  4. Smart spray disinfection for hand washing
    The temperature measuring area is equipped with intelligent induction sprayer, no contact induction spraying, safety and hygiene, can carry out effective sterilization

Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Disinfection Channel + Face Recognition

Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Face Recognition Stand-alone Version


  • Accurate temperature measurement without contact
    Taking body temperature by using thermal imaging technology;
    It can take the temperature and display the data.
    The accuracy of the data is less than or equal to ±0.5ºC.
    The range of the data is between 25ºC to 45ºC.
    Suopport automatic alarm of abnormal temperature, just need 1 second to obtain the result.
  • Eliminate virus in three levels
    Non-contact alcoholic sterilizer special for hand disinfection. Non-contact inductive spary, effevtively and safely sterilizes the hand.
    Quickly eliminate the virus in disinfection area by using food grade sterilized water without manual operation.
    It has the function to remove dust from the sole of shoes. There is a carpet containing sterilized water in the disinfection channel, your shoes will be disinfected when you walk though the carpet. Giving a thorough clean for your shoes.

Product Application Scenario

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