Spray Cannon Operation and Maintenance

1. Check the spray cannon machine before the operation, make sure all parts are connecting well and in good condition.
2. Press the fan button, the fan part starts to rotate well, press the spray button, the water pump begins to supply water, adjust the pressure handle screw to make the pressure 25-30kg, then tighten the screw, switch on the water valve, the fan begins to spray mist. We can control the fan move and spray up/down and left/right.
3. After spraying, first press the spray button, then the fan button, at last shut down the electric power supply.

4. After the first 20 hours’ use of the fog cannon, replace the engine oil, then replace it every 50 hours. The right way for this step is to take off the oil cat, drain the oil and clear the crankcase after the fog cannon machine stops working and becomes cooler.
5. If the flow or pressure reduces, check if the pump belt, inlet tube, and piston seal are in good condition. Check the valve, handle and base, if there is any water leaking out, replace related parts.

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