Dust Control Misting Cannon Benefits And Applications

No one wants to be fined on the job, and when it comes to industrial sites, those fines can get pretty hefty. Over the past decade, the need for effective dust control on industrial job sites has grown immensely due to new rules and regulations cropping up like with construction dust control and silica dust. The old way of using a fire hose has fallen short and can result in citations for a variety of reason.

Fortunately, there are modern methods that can be implemented to help meet these regulations. Water trucks with surfactants work well for vehicle-generated road dust, spray bars for small contained dust and misting cannons for large industrial applications.

Misting cannons are an effective way to control unwanted particles on-site. They have lots of benefits to reduce dust migration and save money in day-to-day operations. The machines provide fine droplets of water to capture and drop dust to the ground, reducing overall water consumption while running automatically. With the help of misting cannons, dust control fines can become a thing of the past.

‘There are many benefits from using a misting cannon for dust control. Not only do they reduce dust more effectively, but they are significantly more cost efficient too.

Misting cannons are the best option for dust control due to the use of tiny water droplets that drop dust to the ground. Kinetic equipment uses atomized mist in the 50 – 200 micron range to capture dust. This range is the ideal size for dust control as the water droplets avoid the slipstream effect. In the slipstream effect, if the water droplets and dust particles aren’t similar in size, the dust does does not get absorbed into the water. It instead follows the air stream around the water and continues dispersing into the air. For more information on how Kinetic dust control systems work, check out Dust Control and How it Works!

Compared to the inefficient fire hose, misting cannons, using fine mist, save considerably more water while taking down more dust. Take the Kinetic DB-60 misting cannon for instance. If it runs 8 hours a day, 250 days a year, the DB-60 would use 2.76 million gallons of water that year. A fire hose under the same conditions would use 12 million gallons of water! This massive difference creates a much higher water bill when using a fire hose. Misting cannons are an excellent option for dust control due to the low water cost and effective tiny water droplets.

One of the biggest downfalls with using a fire hose for dust control is that a worker has to be on the end of one. They require constant watch just to end up over-saturating the material. Misting cannons like Kinetic are completely automatic, not needing a worker to run it all day. Once it’s up and running, it’s good to go for the foreseeable future. Just set it and forget it. Rather than watering the material, the employee is now free to perform additional on-site tasks, increasing productivity and helping bring the project closer to completion.

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