Disinfection Tunnel for Covid-19

Due to the widespread of Covid-19 in the world, the consultation on our product Kinetic Disinfection Channel has increased significantly recently. What is the Covid-19 disinfection channel? What can this channel do? In what situations can it be used? I will lead you to have a detailed understanding of the new coronavirus disinfection channel products.

What is the Covid-19 Disinfection Channel?

The disinfection channel is a small house like a sentry box. When people pass through this passage, they can automatically measure their body temperature. The hand sanitizer sensor automatically produces disinfectant. At the same time, there are multiple sprinklers on the top and feet to spray out the disinfectant. The disinfection channel is a complete and automatic disinfection equipment at the entrance of public places, which can conveniently disinfect the passers-by and block the spread of virus.

What are the functions of the Covid-19 disinfection channel?

  • The virus on people’s hands and body will be removed by disinfectant when passing through the disinfection channel, which will hinder the spread of new coronavirus to a certain extent.
  • It can automatically measure body temperature and send out alarm to reduce the risk of transmission in public places, and reduce the manual work at the same time
  • Automatic hand disinfection, automatic hand sanitizer can completely disinfect the hands of the passers-by and prevent the secondary transmission of new coronavirus carried by hands.

What does the disinfection channel look like?


How to buy disinfection channel?

Kinetic Disinfection Channel has the advantages of low price, excellent quality, fast delivery, easy installation, and complete after-sales service. You can submit an inquiry at the bottom of the product page. And you can also take a look at the product intruduction on the product page of Disinfection Channel.


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